Canteen Pack

Packaging Configuration


  • Feeding options to suit customer needs viz.
  • Gravity based vibratory in line feeding.
  • 90 degree feeding.
  • Suitable for any shape and size plain dry biscuits.
  • Possible to pack biscuits in Single / Multi pile formation.
  • Optional String pack (Garland) style possible for pre defined no. of packs /string.
  • Optional extended conveyor at out feed for easy transfer packed products.
  • Outfeed conveyor can be coupled to downstream packing systems.
  • Feeding options available to suit individual customer requirement.

GA Diagram

  • The data given above for general guide line.
  • Above parameters may vary depending on application.
  • Pl contact us when product dimensions are on extreme side of given limits.
  • Due to implementation of new developments, we reserve the right to change the specification without any prior notice.

Technical Data Sheet

Specification Unit Limiting Values
Cut off Length MM 85 to 260
Wrapper width Max MM ≤ 280
Wrapper Diameter Max MM ≤ 300
Wrapper Wt. Max KG ≤ 20
Product sizes Min. MM Length 30  Width 20  Height 10
Max MM Length 150  Width 120  Height 40
Electric Power KW 5
Mechanical Packing Speed Max PPM 250 ( Depends on stack length)
Appx. M/c. Dimensions (w/o packing) METER Length 4.5  Width 1.4  Height 1.8
Appx. M/c. Wt. (w/o packing) KG 1400

Salient Features

  • All machines are user friendly.
  • Reliable center and cross sealing.
  • Wrapper driven servo motor for ease in packet length changeover.
  • Parts coming in contact with products are made from stainless steel or food grade plastic material.
  • Temp. Control through PLC, eliminates need of separate temp controller in panel.
  • Two way Auto print mark correction through HMI.
  • Machines are suitable for different tropical conditions.
  • Machines fitted with sealed lubricated bearings.
  • In plant / at site training given to key personnel.
  • 24 X 7 technical Support available.

Standard Machine Features

  • Twin reel holder Machine reduces wrapper wastage & change over time.
  • Machine always stops in open jaw condition.
  • Packet length adjustment and print mark correction in synchronization with wrapper speed in m/c running condition.
  • Mounting brackets to adopt any type of coding device.
  • Ample inside Panel space reduces temp. Rise in panel.
  • Customer needs Feeding options available.
  • Touch screen HMI for ease in operation.
  • Zigzag knife pattern to enhance packet look.
  • Positive wrapper feed drive by Servo motor.

Optional Machine Features

  • Auto wrapper splicing for high speed machines.
  • A set of change parts to run additional new product on the same machine.
  • End gusseting system.
  • Extended out feed.
  • Annual Preventive maintenance contract.
  • Stainless Guards, covers and panel.
  • Auto roller closing / opening.
  • Foot and rest pad to adjust desired Machine height with machine mobility.
  • Second head station to cut pre defined packs for string pack formation.